Web Page Design Example 4

  • The bold red headings would look quite effective on this page if all the other text was black.
  • Using a different colour for each paragraph is probably going to make it difficult to read.
  • The variety of colours might be acceptable if the web site was aimed at children.

What is e-mail?

image of email

E-mail, or electronic mail, is post that - instead of being sent physically - is transferred electronically to and from your computer. When you open your e-mail program, any new mail for you is automatically downloaded to an electronic mailbox on your computer.

What are the benefits of e-mail over normal "snail" mail?

image of letter

You can use e-mail to keep in touch with family and friends faster and more informally than by writing letters, and without the expense of long phone calls and the difficulties caused by international time differences. It can take as little as a few minutes for your email message to arrive.

What is an e-mail address?

email address

When you registered with your Internet service provider, you chose an e-mail address and a password. Your unique email address is of the form: david.smith@somewhere.com. The password ensures that no-one else can use your email address to send messages.

An email address is usually made up of three parts.

The first part is often your name, e.g. david.smith. The second part is called the domain name such as somewhere. The final part of the address can give you an idea of where the person is based. Addresses ending with .com indicate a commercial address; .co.uk addresses are UK-based companies; ac.uk signifies a UK University or academic institution.